Sketching an illustration for The Art Show That Came To Life

Hello, my name is Melanie Notaras. I'm the author and founder of My School Adventure, and I write children's fiction as "M.A. Notaras". Not only did I write the words, but I also illustrated The Art Show That Came To Life!

Author & illustrator Melanie Notaras with her book The Art Show That Came To Life At [Your School Name Here]

I spent many years as a reading and fundraising volunteer at my kids' primary school. One night I was walking around their art show trying to think of our next fundraising idea, when 'voila!' a school-customised book about an out of control art show was born! I was thrilled because it would be something kids and parents would value as well as enjoy, and with so many kids having life-threatening food allergies it could be a new school event that included everyone. Plus after the hard 2 day set up we'd just done, something super easy for hard working parent volunteers was a real attraction. So I did it!

My writing accomplishments include winning the Sydney Writer's Festival public entry competition "Tell a Story to Save Your Life" in 2001 for my rhyming story The Big Cheese. Prior to having children, I worked for several years in the property industry following university and post-graduate studies, but writing and illustrating is a lot more fun!

Melanie Notaras sketching

I'm currently working on a second book called "The Science Fair That Went Berserk At [Your School Name Here]" that's filled with dinosaurs, volcanoes, robots, lab rats, space travel - and of course, your school and four of your teachers. So stay tuned!

Well, that's enough about me ... why don't you go ahead and read more about the Book, how our fundraiser works, or why My School Adventure is a great choice for your school.

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