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Conditions of Purchase

1. There is a minimum order of 50 books.

2. Only schools or school-parent bodies (P&C, P&F, PTA, School Council etc) can purchase books as a school set. We do not make or sell individual books.

3. Full payment is required before your book order is sent for printing. When you've finalised your pre-sales and know the quantity you'd like to order, ask us to send you an invoice.

4. Please make sure all your school customisation details are correct - the onus is on you to provide My School Adventure with correct spelling of all names, genders and other custom details. Once the book order is sent for printing it is outside our control to correct or stop the print.

5. If there is a manufacturing fault, e.g., pages or covers printed at an angle, or printed with large faded areas etc, we will happily replace them at no cost to you. We will ask you to provide us with photos of the products to determine fault. Note that there are usually 2 - 6 blank pages at the end of the book which are not a manufacturing fault, this is a normal part of the print-on-demand process.

6. We ask that you do not order a copy of the book for your school library. Why? Firstly, if teachers leave the school, their character will not be known or imaginable to future students (there is no 'description' of teachers in the story, just their names), and this will damage the relevance and enjoyment of the story for students. Secondly, it devalues the fundraising contribution made by paying families. Thirdly it diminishes your school's ability to successfully run our fundraiser again in a few years' time as the new 'generation' of students - who weren't around for the fundraiser before - have already read the book in your library.

7. Your school needs to choose names for the three fictional child characters (first name only), and they shouldn't be the same names as any children enrolled at your school. We can't choose or check as we don't know your school. Two of the child characters are the reader's fictional "best friends", the other is their fictional "nemesis", so choosing names for the fictional child characters that don't exist among enrolled students, is best.

8. Teachers volunteering their names as characters in the book must be real teachers currently working at the school (otherwise the story won't be relevant to students).

9. Melanie Notaras, ABN 72527052671, is trading as My School Adventure, the publisher, based in Australia. For schools not located within Australia, all sales transactions are deemed to occur in Australia.

We promise to do everything we can to make your experience with us easy and fun, delivering a book your school will enjoy - and profitable if you're running our book as a fundraiser.

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