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  • Melanie Notaras

Are you a book-loving Mama? Check out these fun and quirky book-themed gifts for Mother’s Day!

Book themed gifts? Give it to me baby! With Mother’s Day this weekend, instead of the usual chocolates and flowers, why not treat yourself or your favourite Mama to one of these fun and unashamedly book-crazy gifts? Here are my top picks for 2018! If any tickle your fancy, just click on the image to reach the shop page (these are affiliate links).

1. Wicked Witch Bookmark

Hee hee, I love this! Fess up, what do you really use as a bookmark - a scrap of paper? Or are you one of those evil heathens who leaves their books cracked open upside-down, or corners the page? Treat yourself to a bookmark you'll love (it makes a great kids' gift too).

2. Jane Austen drink coasters

These cheeky drink coasters will look delightfully intelligent lying around on your table ... and you can truthfully boast you've read them cover to cover!

3. Library Books Quilted Throw Blanket

What better way to get lost in a book than to be wrapped in many? Snuggly and oh so pretty at the same time, it makes a literary feature of your favourite corner.

4. Bookshelf Circle Scarf

So stylish, yet so booky! 100% lightweight chiffon. Be bold gorgeous Book Loving Mama, declare yourself, and wear your heart on your sleeve - or in this case loosely around your neck.

5. Superwoman floating bookshelf, or bookend

We all need a superhero when it's the end of the world - or bookshelf! And they're so much fun. Hey Mama, you're a superbabe! Your books deserve super status! They're uplifting! Reading is your superpower! And it's pretty eye-catching, like you X

6. Awesome bookish Coffee / Tea Mugs

The message is on the mug, as always. So say it like you mean it :)

7. Of course, you need something to put in it ...

8. There's even something to mix it with!

9. So take your shoes off, put your feet up and,

Novelty socks always say it best.

Pass me my book. Thanks!

Happy Mother's Day!

* Product links on this page are affiliate links. If you're interested in purchasing any of these products, simply click on the images.

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