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  • Melanie Notaras

12 Great Reasons to run My School Adventure as Your School's Next Fundraiser

My School Adventure creates adventure gamebook novels customised to schools, including 4 real teachers as characters, lots of school and local details and 22 possible endings! It's a new and exciting fundraising option for schools available in Australia, UK and USA.

If you haven't heard about My School Adventure before, here are 12 great reasons why you should consider using it as your school's next fundraiser:

1. IT’S HEALTHY & EDUCATIONAL! Are you tired of having to sell junk food and breakable plastic rubbish to students, just to earn the school a bit of money? Would your school families like something that positively helps their kids? Parents are more likely to get behind a fundraiser that encourages educational and health values, and a healthy and educational mindset can also help to broaden your school-parent group's appeal - and help you recruit more volunteers to it!

2. IT’S EASY! No need for recruiting lots of volunteers to help - a My School Adventure fundraiser can be run by just one person with only 2-4 hours' work (depending on size of school). That's a huge profit for only a few hours' work! Plus we have lots of support to help you - we even customise the advertising posters to put up around your school, with your school's book! Just ask.

3. IT’S FREE TO START! Your school doesn't need to outlay any money - the cash self-generates as students pre-purchase.

4. IT’S YOUR PROFIT, SPEND IT THE WAY YOU NEED. Your school's profit isn't tied back as a redemption to purchase from us in the future, like some fundraising schemes. You can spend it on whatever you need, and you keep it before you've even paid us!

5. IT’S ALL PRE-SALES WITHIN SCHOOL! This means you have no stock to buy, store, take out, pack away or return - and no scary neighbourhoods for your children to walk around.

6. IT’S MEANINGFUL, USEFUL, ETHICAL & EASILY RECYCLABLE! My School Adventure is a child-focused fundraiser, encouraging reading at an age where interest often starts to decline (from grades 3 or 4 onward). A book is a long-lasting product that gives you great value for your money. And if you don’t want to read it any more, you can easily recycle it - 100%.

7. IT’S WEATHER INDEPENDENT! Good to run regardless of snow, rain, hurricane or sweltering heat, you'll never need to cancel your My School Adventure event. In fact, it can be a great fundraiser to run when it's too cold, hot or wet to go outdoors.

8. TEACHERS LOVE IT! Teachers can really encourage their students to read simply by contributing their name to the book. It's a great way for teachers and Head Teachers / Principals to positively raise their school community profile and be appreciated!

9. IT ENCOURAGES PRIDE. Students' pride in their school is encouraged as children hold and read a book uniquely about their own school. Pride in school and a sense of belonging are great academic motivators!

10. IT’S INCLUSIVE! Kids with food allergies or other dietary restrictions can join in. So can kids who aren't good at or don't like sports. As a flat-cost fundraiser, it doesn't discriminate (poorer kids often miss out on the incentive rewards of sponsorship-based fundraisers). Reading is safe for, and includes, EVERYONE.

11. IT REINFORCES EDUCATIONAL AIMS & ACTUALLY HELPS. Every book a child reads contributes to reading practice. Good literacy skills are the key to a successful education & life. And the books aren't just fun, they're also intended to gently educate about their focus subject.

12. IT CAN BE A FANTASTIC COMPLEMENT TO ANOTHER SCHOOL EVENT. You can easily run My School Adventure on its own, but it’s also great to run as an add-on to your school's Art Show (for “The Art Show That Came To Life”), for Book Week, to celebrate a special school anniversary, during your school's Science Fair (for The Science Fair That Went Berserk), as a special end of year gift to students, or a reading-list book to read over a holiday break.

Want to know more about My School Adventure? Come take a look!

My School Adventure customises The Art Show That Came To Life At [Your School Name Here] for schools and will be releasing a second novel The Science Fair That Went Berserk At [Your School Name Here] later in 2018. For more information on how we can assist your school please visit

Interested in more? You can connect with My School Adventure on Facebook and Pinterest, or with author Melanie Notaras on LinkedIn or Twitter. Or join our new Facebook community Get Your Child To Read More.

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