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  • Melanie Notaras

Want to know a better school fundraiser than cupcakes?

If you can't already guess, I'll let you know. But first I want to ask you another question: what’s the best gift you can give your child? Sorry kids, it's not Lego, Shopkins or unlimited Fortnite ...

It's a passion for reading!

Literacy (the ability to read and write) is critical to a child's lifelong success. It's tied to everything we do and can be. Without good reading and comprehension skills a child is limited in what they can accomplish in their life.

Maybe it seems obvious, but did you know that kids who read widely and often, get better at it? They get better grades, have better self-esteem and are regarded as smarter by their teachers and peers. It’s the fantastic outcome that we aim for as parents. On the other hand, reading doesn't get better without practice. Teachers everywhere will agree that we need to get our kids reading – and reading! Fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, novels, comics ... just get them reading!

Now let's be honest here. When you’re considering your school’s next fundraiser, which is better for your child’s brain? Which will help them in the long and short term? A book, or a cupcake? A book, or a scented candle? A book, or candy-filled showbag? A book, or a novelty picture frame?

That's pretty much the initiative behind My School Adventure - to give schools an alternative to the junk food and plastic trinket stall, by creating a quality fundraiser that promotes literacy in a really fun way. An adventure story with you as the hero, your own teachers as characters, and you get to choose what happens next ... find me a child that isn't interested in reading that!

Why do we want to encourage reading? Children who have developed strong reading skills perform better in school in all subject areas and have a more confident self-image than those who don't. They become lifelong learners, sought-after employees and live healthier, longer lives.

Reading exercises our brains, developing the mind and the imagination. It's a much more complex brain function than watching TV! It helps develop our creative sides by posing the question 'What will happen next?'. It helps develop our critical thinking through comprehension and analysis of text. Reading teaches children about people, places and events outside their own horizons, building a store of background knowledge. It gives children confidence and skills to interpret the world around them. Reading improves a child's vocabulary and leads to more highly-developed language ability. It helps children develop empathy, and enables them to seek their own knowledge and information. Reading is a great form of entertainment, and it relaxes and calms the mind.

How many of those things does a cupcake do?

The sky's the limit when you're a reader. Help your child to be a reader and the best that they can be, by adopting your own proactive literacy philosophy at home. And encourage your school to run educational, literacy fundraisers ... like My School Adventure!

My School Adventure customises The Art Show That Came To Life At [Your School Name Here] for schools and will be releasing a second novel The Science Fair That Went Berserk At [Your School Name Here]. For more information on how we can assist your school please visit

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