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  • M.A. Notaras

Case Study: Sacred Heart — a small school with a big anniversary!

Sacred Heart Primary School Highgate is a lovely little Catholic school in Western Australia, who recently placed an order with My School Adventure for 91 books – an amazing number of sales for a school with only 151 students!

Interestingly, they decided to forgo seeking sponsorship, and instead used the free pages preceding the story to help celebrate their school’s 125th year — by writing a two-page history of their school. The historical introduction was written in a style appropriate for primary school students, with the opening line in a cursive font to catch the reader’s eye and elicit a story-type feeling. Quite cleverly, they incorporated the names of the streets surrounding their school as the names of the three fictional child characters in the story. What a lovely way to pay homage to the past!

If your school is celebrating a special anniversary or event, you might like to add a short history just like Sacred Heart, making The Art Show That Came To Life an even more meaningful experience (and memento) for students. But you don’t have to forgo your sponsorship fundraising — with four free pages available, if you use two pages to describe your history/event, you can still fill the other two pages with sponsor logos to really boost your fundraising profit. That’s profit, meaning, and literacy well combined!

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