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Back to School UK & USA - it's time to schedule your fundraising!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

It’s back to school time in the northern hemisphere – which means – it’s also time to schedule your school fundraising for the year ahead.

Easy school fundraising with My School Adventure
Get kids reading with My School Adventure's high profit school fundraiser

If you’re looking for a new fundraising idea that’s absolutely unique, My School Adventure is a book fundraiser that ticks all the boxes – educational, high profit, low product miles, recyclable, healthy (non-food), allergy-friendly, long lasting quality product, and best of all - easy to run.

It’s a crazy, funny, and exciting adventure novel set in your school, with students the hero of the action! Our book, The Art Show That Came To Life at [Your School Name Here], is customised to your school (in UK or USA English) including 4 REAL teachers as characters, lots of school details and 22 possible endings – a reading combination that kids find hard to resist!

Front and back cover, The Art Show That Came To Life, sample book
We add YOUR school's details to create your unique edition!

Super easy to run by just one person in a couple of hours, your school could be making plenty of profit without needing to recruit legions of volunteers, heavy lifting or messy cleaning up – no matter the weather. No cost or risk to start as our fundraiser is based on pre-sales, so your school only orders the exact number of books you want – and you keep the profit up front, to spend however you wish. Our flat price structure is economically ethical to all students, and you can really ramp up the profit by getting community sponsorship of your school’s edition!

West Pennant Hills Public School raised $6,500 profit in book sales and community sponsorship - that's pretty good for a book fundraiser! They also said our book really excited students and lifted their spirits.

Contactless ordering and ready-to-go customised advertising make My School Adventure a school fundraiser you can run even during lockdowns and remote learning. Once books are delivered to your school, distribute them to students contact-free simply by including books in your students’ weekly take-home packs, staggering times for pick up from an outdoor location (presorted into named envelopes), or recruit a couple of volunteers to walk around the neighbourhood dropping them into students’ letterboxes. You can also post them, but you really don’t need to spend your profit.

My School Adventure is based in Australia, but our books are reliable, easy and fast to distribute to UK and USA schools. Connect with us by email, Facebook, Linkedin or Zoom. Got any questions - at all? Just ask, we're here to help you every step of the way! Forms are sent and returned by email; payment is by direct deposit or Paypal. Once you've finalised your sales and collected your money, you can place your order. Your school's unique novel is printed in your country from a local print-on-demand facility and shipped free to your school within 3 weeks (very remote locations might take a tiny bit longer).

Learn more about our how we can help your school at – an adventure that kids, parents, teachers, and fundraising volunteers love!

Customised and sample copy of My School Adventure's book for school fundraisers
A book fundraiser customised for YOUR school!

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