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Why My School Adventure? So many reasons!

A reading fundraiser lines up with school and parent educational values and contributes to them.

Reading is a pleasure that contributes to happy mental health. Reading practice builds a lifelong tool for learning, boosts creativity and knowledge, strengthens your child's abilities in ALL subjects, and greatly improves self-esteem.

Students have fun and learn with our school fundraising product
Some real teachers who starred in this school's story

There's no teacher work required. YAY!

Teachers and Principals really like My School Adventure’s unique incorporation of school and teacher details, knowing  they're helping to encourage mental invigoration and instill a love of reading - without any cost or effort!

It's a school fundraiser that's inclusive to ALL parts of your student community (including kids with food allergies)!

Super easy fundraising that can be run by just one person in a couple of hours. No special set up location required. With about 60 books per box there's hardly any need for storage space. Plus, books are shipped FREE!

A school fundraising product that's literally in the bag!
The Art Show That Came To Life - amazing reading initiative and school fundraiser

Great for the environment! Our high quality paperback books can be read over and over without breaking. There's no plastic or styrofoam. Low product miles as your books are printed in your country (Australia, UK* or USA), and can easily be recycled (all shipping packaging can too)!

*UK books are nominated to be printed at a UK Amazon facility, but Amazon might choose to sometimes print them in the EU, which is outside our control...

Weather-independent and no mess to clean afterward!

My School Adventure's ethos is to provide a school fundraising product that's great value to students, parents and educators ... promotes literacy in a fun way ... doesn't load kids' bodies with sugar and fat ... encourages socioequality between kids ... demonstrates inclusiveness ... supports student connection with school ... is low impact to the environment & easily recyclable ... and rewards hard-working volunteers with a quick fundraising idea that generates high $$$ they can spend wherever they wish.


That's why we think My School Adventure is one of the best school fundraisers around!







High Quality

Food & Plastic-free

IMG20230105104356 (2).jpg

Invented by a school mum with hundreds of hours of primary school volunteering experience, My School Adventure can help your school be successful fundraising WITHOUT volunteer burnout and WITH more inclusiveness, health, environmental sustainability and (very importantly) helping our kids learn. Because that's why we're school volunteers, right?

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