Allergy friendly, no contact, easy to run by just one person - no teacher work required!

Our books are an AMAZING concept - a fun, school based adventure novel where the story is customised for your school, including 4 real teachers as characters, lots of school details woven throughout the story and 22 possible endings!

It works because children identify strongly with their school, and love nothing better than being the hero of a story about themselves.

Our book, The Art Show That Came To Life At [Your School Name Here], is fun and action-packed! Kids are engaged with reading when they're the hero of their own school based art show adventure exploding with magic, monsters, flying, chases, escapes and famous art characters such as the Mona Lisa, Vincent Van Gogh, the Sphinx and more!

Students LOVE IT - even reluctant readers!

The Art Show That Came To Life At [Your School Name Here] - adventure novels customized to schools includng 4 real teachers as characters and 22 possible endings

"We raised over $6500 and the kids loved it!" - West Pennant Hills Public School P&C

As a fundraiser, you profit by selling the books, selling sponsorship spots to include inside the book - and if you like - a coin fundraiser to choose the teacher characters.

​Or you can order a set of books for your school to encourage reading, school pride or as prizes!

​Purchase books for $13.74 each (no GST charged at present), pre-sell to students for $25-$30+. Each book includes up to 4 FREE pages for sponsorship logos, FREE shipping and FREE advertising posters/note for families for your school.

​​Only order the exact number of books you want - eg 62, 94, 119, 238 - and no more. There's no risk, no over-ordering, consignment stock or waste! Minimum order of 50 books required.

Healthy fundraiser - any time!

Book Week

School Art Show

Special School Anniversary

Set as required reading for term or school holidays

​End-of-year gifts for graduating students

School prizes

School Principals and Teachers love the book! As a positive platform for student-teacher connection, your school can demonstrate healthy, educational and inclusive values and position your school as an early adopter of a great reading initiative!

Here's what schools have to say ...

West Pennant Hills Public School P&C

West Pennant Hills Public School Testimonial for My School Adventure
Easy to organise.
Build reading skills.
Build community.
Get excited about reading!

Mittagong Public School P&C and students

Mittagong Public School Principal

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If you think our book fundraiser is an awesome idea, please help us spread the word! We can serve schools in Australia, USA and UK. Thanks for your support.

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