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Fundraising with My School Adventure is EASY!

Here's what you need to do:


Pick 4 teachers to star in their roles.


Pre-sell books to students at your chosen price, collect payment, then place your order. You only order exactly the number of books you need (minimum 50).


Books are printed and shipped to your school in three weeks*.

School fundraising with books

* for most schools; a longer time may be required for remote schools or during November-December.

Use the 'make a payment' tab on your school's website for easy no-contact collection of payments from students, then send your school's order back to us by email. Payment is by direct deposit for Australian schools; and by PayPal for UK and USA schools.

We Have Your School Advertising Covered!

We'll email you a free A4 or A3 size advertising poster that's customised with your school's book cover to print and display around your school - in your hallways, classrooms, library, assembly and playground. Choose from the designs below.

The Art Show That Came To Life At [Your School  Name Here] - "Basic" school advertising poster

No. 1


The Art Show That Came To Life At [Your School  Name Here] - "Who Will Be" school advertising poster
"Enter Your Vote" school advertising poster: The Art Show That Came To Life At [Your School  Name Here]
The Art Show That Came To Life - "Starring Your Teachers" school advertising poster

No. 4

("Starring Your Teachers")

Need a note to hand out to students?

Save time by using our editable Word document. Pop it in the school bag, on an email, or attach to your school newsletter. We can customise it with your book cover and help you with the wording (or maybe you can give us some suggestions)!

Sample School Note image.jpg

We can also send you a jpeg of your customised book cover to insert into a text message, email or your newsletter - just ask!

Your school's book cover can be emailed as a jpeg for easy school fundraising

Organise Book Sponsors (optional)

Boost your school fundraising with sponsorship in the book

Want EVEN MORE profit? It's easy! School fundraisers that make the most money often include sponsorship. Tap into your network and ask local and parent businesses to sponsor your book. We can include up to 4 free blank pages to place their logos or names inside. It's a fantastic way for local businesses to ethically align themselves with your school community and show support.

West Pennant Hills Public School P&C attracted 14 paying sponsors (plus a couple of anonymous donations) raising $4,000 just in sponsorship! Check out their testimonial for tips.

Provide your School details for the story

You've successfully pre-sold books to lots of excited students and collected payments. Now you're ready to place your school's order!

Complete this form with the names of your volunteering teachers and school information. Have it signed by your Principal / Head Teacher, and send it in with your school's payment. Remember that your school keeps the profit you earned up front, to spend however you like!

If you have any questions at any time about our exciting and unique school fundraiser please phone, Zoom or email. We'll be really happy to help you!

Customization sheet for your school fundraiser's unique book
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