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Who didn't ever dream of their teacher being gobbled up by a monster? Or turned into a giant Lego statue?

Mona Lisa, the Sphinx, Colossus of Rhodes, Vincent Van Gogh, Glob Man, Statue of Liberty. Images (C) Melanie Notaras 2016

Will you outwit a crazy Mona Lisa? Be kidnapped by a flying chair to a land where statues are REAL? Splash into a lake-sized bucket of rainbow paint - ugh! Who will help you escape the Terracotta Warriors? Or maybe you'll join forces with your friends in a crazy class Kung Fu battle against a bunch of cranky art chairs, and save the school!

it's an art show coming to life at YOUR school!

An adventure story for the brave at 'art! A twisty, multi-choice plot format where the reader gets to decide EXACTLY what happens next - like those "Choose Your Own Adventure", "Twist-a-Plot" or "Pick-a-Path" novels you might have read when you were a kid ... EXCEPT WITH A BIG DIFFERENCE!

It's set in YOUR SCHOOL, with FOUR of your school's REAL TEACHERS. Real names and real school details including your school's location, room names, uniform colour, technology and even school bell times makes this story unique to every school and exciting for every child. And you choose between Australian/UK English, or USA English, so the right language not only fits, but is reinforced!

The Art Show That Came To Life At [Your School Name Here] - an adventure novel customized for schools including 4 real teachers as characters.
Sample page - showing customised fields
Sample page - showing customisable fields

Teachers really like volunteering to be a part of this great reading initiative, and kids can't wait to find out which teachers will feature in the story.

There are also 3 fictional child names (kids NOT enrolled at the school) to populate the characters - after all, there's no school without kids in it! Books contain 128 pages (or 132 pages if 4 sponsorship pages are included), 40 black & white illustrations and 22 endings, in 20.3cm x 13.4cm (8" x 5.25") size. The story works for both single sex and co-educational schools, male and female teachers of any name length.


Every student can be the hero that drives the action, with people they know, in a real place they love. You don't find that in many books. It doesn't matter whether they're good or struggling readers, Kindy or Year 6 - with the story centered around their school, they'll want to find out what happens next!

Art Gallery. Image (C) Melanie Notaras 2016
Escaping "The Sunflowers" with Vincent Van Gogh. Image (C) Melanie Notaras 2016
Revolting Art Chairs. Image (C) Melanie Notaras 2016
School fundraising that students love

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