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  • Melanie Notaras


Are you a school parent, teacher or School Principal? You don't have to fundraise with sugar and fat-filled foods, and you don't have to sell plastic junk that nobody really wants. I've brainstormed 121 healthy, educational, ethical and food allergy inclusive fundraising ideas that can benefit everyone at your school PLUS make your school lots of money. I'm on a quest to promote better school fundraising! The 121 different ideas were too long to record on the video (it was over 7 minutes, even if I spoke ridiculously fast) but you can download a written list HERE. It's free! Happy healthy school fundraising!


Want to know more about My School Adventure? Come take a look!

My School Adventure customises The Art Show That Came To Life At [Your School Name Here] for schools and will be releasing a second novel The Science Fair That Went Berserk At [Your School Name Here] later in 2018. For more information on how we can assist your school please visit

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